NEW:  Our Hummingbird License Plate

(version 2)

For the front of your car, where state laws permit!!!
(not an official state plate)

The Hummingbird Society is considering asking the state of Arizona to authorize a specialty plate featuring hummingbirds! If we succeed (and pay their enormous upfront fee) then we will receive $17 a year from every hummingbird license plate purchase or renewal. Potentially this is ENORMOUS, because there are between 3 and 4 million registered personal autos in Arizona!

Design of the official plate (not the one shown above) would be a joint effort of the Society and the state's designers. We are sure the end result would be wonderful!

But First we have to see that there is demand for a hummingbird-themed license plate. For this purpose we have designed what you see above, and we have had the license plates made in large quantity, so we can offer it for only $15, plus shipping. This project is not designed primarily to be a fundraiser, but rather to show there is demand for the concept. That's why we have kept the price low.

By the way, this license plate is made of aluminum, not plastic. Size: 12 inches wide, 6 inches high.

If you want to be the first on your block to have our hummingbird license plate, click on the button below. Please note, you can use your credit card to make this purchase--you do NOT have to have or use a PayPal account; we simply use PayPal to process the credit card charges. You can also mail us a check for $15.00 per plate plus $5 shipping anywhere in the US (flat fee regardless of quantity). Delivery outside the US require extra postage; please contact us for specific information. Thank you in advance for helping us with our project!

link to Sedona Hummingbird Festival

Photo: Wally Nussbaumer

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